The Exploding Elephant

You won’t find Birch Lake on a Wisconsin road map, but after you finish this book you’ll want to go there. Maybe stop in at Aunt Flo’s diner for a cheeseburger and then up Main Street (you can see where they repaired the hole left by the exploding elephant) to the Bluegill Bar for a cold Bruenig’s Lager. The grumpy looking little guy on the last bar stool might be Uncle Al. You could ask if he’ll guide you on a fishing trip but if you aren’t nice to him, he’ll probably tell you to go to hell. You could go down below the dam and cast around the wreckage of the quarter million dollar pickup truck. There’s not much to do in this north woods Shangri La and most of the people are really nice. Avoid Ethel Warburton–she’s a bitch.
Birch Lake is set in the state of Wisconsin – but it really exists in the state of mind.
Joel Vance has lived in this sun lit little town for decades. Come along with Bobby, his alter ego, and find out what goes on behind the scenes (and often right in front of them).



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I am children's book writer and publisher. My publishing companies include Saguaro Books, LLC for middle grade and young adult fiction and The PTP Book Division of the Path to Publication Group, Inc, a nonprofit 501(c)3 company founded to promote literacy. The PTP Book Division publishes fiction and non fiction for adults.
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