Plague Words/Phrases:

Here is a set of words and/or phrases that can cause problems with your writing.
As to, whether. Use whether.
Basically, essentially, totally. Try the sentence without them.
Equally as. Use equally important or as important as, but not equally as important.
Got. Try to avoid it. I have got to must begin working on it now. I have got three pairs of jeans.
In order to. Use to.
Lots or lots of. Avoid these when you can use many or much. Lots of something is considered plural. Also, a lot of requires three words not alot of.
Orientate. New employees become oriented, not orientated.
Plus. This word should not be used as a conjunction. Use and instead.
Point in time. Use at this time or at this point or now.
So as to. A simple to will do.


About mjnickum

I am children's book writer and publisher. My publishing companies include Saguaro Books, LLC for middle grade and young adult fiction and The PTP Book Division of the Path to Publication Group, Inc, a nonprofit 501(c)3 company founded to promote literacy. The PTP Book Division publishes fiction and non fiction for adults.
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